Miscellaneous Farm Antics

This is just a combination of video clips of the farm. It was taken in May of 2011. We hadn’t had Princess Kate very long at all, and I didn’t have my new goat house or chicken coop. You’ll see Everyone marching out for morning free-ranging in the morning, and Melina, Cissy and Kate running clear across the yard for me. Cissy was extremely pregnant at the time.

The farm waiting for me to let them out of the fenced-in area for the day. This was before they had the really large fenced area that they have now. I love how Kiev is sitting on Melina's back.

Cissy’s Kids are Born

On May 26, 2011 we had our first goat kids born here. My Nigerian Dwarf Cissy gave birth to twins. We were expecting a single, but we got twin girls!

Although I was pretty sure she was going to give birth that night, she went into labor so quickly and gave birth to the first kid, Grace, so fast, that she was out before I could even run to the goat house. All of my plans for good photos and video with great lighting were all ended by a fast and easy birth.

While fascinating to watch the birth of baby goats, the video quality isn’t great. The most entertaining part to me is listening to the things my kids say and the questions they ask.

Tragically, as Cissy’s night progressed she was clearly becoming more ill, and by the next evening I had to rush her off to the vets where they valiantly tried to save her for the next two days. Cissy died from toxemia less than 3 days after giving birth to the babies, and had only spent a few hours with her beautiful babies. She was a great mother and we were all heartbroken by her loss. I raised Grace and Kiki on bottles from the time they were 12 hours old. They probably don’t remember Cissy, and think of me as their mother.

Kid Antics

Another video of Kiki and Grace taken when they were just a few days old. Our goat house is under construction at the time, so they’re slipping on the plywood floors a lot. There is nothing much cuter than bouncing baby goats. Towards the end of the video you’ll see each of them drinking their bottles. I had to bottle raise them as their other died from toxemia shortly after birth.

Bouncin’ Babies

This is a video I made when Kiki and Grace, my newborn Nigerian Dwarf goats, were just 4 days old. Their mother died from toxemia shortly after their birth, and I raised them on bottles since they were 12 hours old.

Baby goats are bouncy and full of energy.