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2 Bull Moose Under the Tetons

While I’m continuing to enjoy a much-needed vacation, I am catching up on some long-overdue sleep, recovering from a very nasty cold, enjoying the sunshine and bluebird skies on the ski slopes, and today finally got to go riding and catch up for hours with my friend Terry. But I don’t want you to think I’ve forgotten you. I’m plotting new crafts and cooking projects for the new year, and trying to think of some witty things to say.

Amanda and I got up before sunrise this morning on our annual hunt for the elusive frosty buffalo (….it’s a long story). We did not find a single bison today, but we did see lots of moose. These two strikingly handsome bull moose were perfectly positioned under the Grand Teton.

And here’s a closeup of the handsome fellows.

A Bluebird Day

Today was a cold, but stunning day in Wyoming. I took this with India’s camera from the top of the Casper lift as we were skiing this morning.

My Heart

This idea wasn’t planned, but it worked out so well that I thought I’d share it.

When I was on the Southern Road Trip a few weeks ago, I’d brought along a small felt heart that Maia had bought for me a few months ago. It had been missing for a little while, and I found it just before I left and told her I would be bringing her heart with me on the trip. On the second day of the trip I decided to take a quick picture with my phone of the heart on a cactus and send it to Maia so she would know I was thinking of her. She loved the picture so much that every day my sister and I made a point of taking a picture of the heart somewhere that I could send to her. It was such a simple thing, and it meant so much.

My heart in Cypress Mill, Texas on a cactus.

My heart on top of an Indian Mound in Arkansas.

My heart on the bridle of a carriage horse in Natchitoches, Louisiana.

My heart at the Little Hawaiian in Carrollton, GA. My heart got to spend the night in the restaurant, as we forgot it on the table and had to go back and get it the next morning before we left town.

My heart tucked into the collar of an adorable dog in Carrollton, Georgia.

My heart at Leon’s Full Service in Decatur, Georgia.

My heart in bed. On the last full day of the trip we drove so much and really didn’t stop to see or do anything. At the end of the day all I really wanted to do was go to bed, so that’s what my heart did, too.

All of my kids miss me when I go away. Because this was spontaneous and unplanned, it was a terrific way for me to let Maia know I was thinking of her every day. Of course now that I’ve done it, the next time I travel all 3 kids will expect photos every day with 3 different items, and then it becomes not so much fun. But maybe this is an idea you can use to let a loved one know you’re thinking of them when you travel.

Strike a Pose

Lest you think I’m sitting around here doing nothing, I spent a considerable amount of time putting together a video of my farm in their best Christmas finery to the tune of Madonna’s song “Vogue”. Alas, I once again got hit with copyright somthingorother, so when I published it, it wouldn’t allow anybody to view the darned thing. I guess I will just have to show you the pictures instead.

I was having a pretty shitty couple of days last week, and one night as I dragged myself up to bed in the wee hours of the morning, it occurred to me that what I needed to do was buy the farm some Christmas outfits. Somehow I knew just seeing them all wearing Santa hats would make me feel better. A trip to my local Petsmart provided a plethora of Christmas outfits to choose from. I asked myself “Who buys all this stuff for their pets?”, but quickly re-thought that statement as I stood there picking things out for my goats and chickens to wear.

The highlight of the Farm’s week by far was Grace and Kiki starring in the Christmas nativity pageant at a local church. Unfortunately we had already left for vacation, so Cyrena graciously volunteered to be a shepherd and chaperoned them onto the stage. I wish I could have been there.

For these photos though, Melina really was the star of the show. I believe she must have been a runway model in a former life. She was literally posing for the camera.

Kiki also displayed some superstar qualities, and looked quite adorable in that plaid collar and hat.

Princess Kate didn’t quite know what to think, and always seemed on the verge of fainting with that pom-pom dangling in her face.

Grace was probably the least comfortable in her holiday attire, and showed a bit of uncharacteristic shyness.

Grace gives a tentative smile for the camera.

And everyone was admiring everyone else’s holiday garb, and some kissing, bell nibbling and affectionate head-butting going on.

Grace and Melina give each other a holiday smooch.

Melina clearly thinks she looks better in her hat than Kate looks in hers.

Melina and Kiki have a holiday head-butt.

But perhaps most entertaining was putting a chicken in a Santa suit. The poor thing didn’t know what the heck was going on, but it certainly was good for some laughs.

And that’s what I did for kicks last week on the Farm.

Louisiana Shed

An old shed on a rural back road in Louisiana, nestled amongst the changing leaves.

Abandoned Farmhouse Window

This abandoned farmhouse in Louisiana was literally falling down. There was a beautiful patina to the old wood, and by focusing the shot inside, it allows you to see both the beautiful wood on the outside, and also the few strips of remaining wallpaper hanging off the walls on the inside.

Graceful Rhea • Revamped

It’s been a very long travel day, I’ve gotten very little sleep lately, and I’ve got a wicked cold, but we are here in Wyoming now to spend Christmas. I’m glad to be back, and this always feels like home to me. Hopefully things will settle down a bit for me now and I can get back to some regular cooking, crafting and posting.

The original version of this photo is among my top favorite photos this year. While on the plane today I was playing with some photo apps on my iPhone and gave her a few changes. I think this is interesting too in it’s own way.


I’m madly trying to get ready to leave early tomorrow morning for Wyoming, where we will spend Christmas. I’m looking forward to some rest, relaxation, spending time with my family, taking photographs, seeing friends, and maybe some skiing.

This beautiful cardinal was outside the window of The Salt Like BBQ when my sister and I were there last week.

Birch Trees in the Morning Sun

I took this early the other morning when the light was soft and golden.

Sea Wall

I took this photo this morning at the beach a few towns up from where I live. It was still early and the light was beautiful. A sea wall that sustained much damage during Hurricane Irene this fall.

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